If a Leaf Falls Press, 2015 –
Micropublishing, Edinburgh

❧ If a Leaf Falls Press publishes v. limited edition poetry with an emphasis on appropriative and procedural writing processes. Open submissions policy.
Please email for purchase. [samueljriviere at hotmail.com]
All publications are £5 or three for £10. Free postage. Subscriptions are available on request.

Season Two (2016–2017)
BOSS broadside____________Monica McClure (des. Sean Roy Parker), edition of 100
About the Author_________________________24pp. James Carter, edition of 32
cante jondo mixtape______________________24pp. Rowan Evans, edition of 36
Sex and the City 2________________________24pp. Susan Finlay, edition of 40
I Don't Remember________________________24pp. Zain Aslam, edition of 38
dear lori maddox,________________________12pp. Cătălina Stanislav, edition of 42
A Convoy______________________________16pp. Martyn Crucefix, edition of 38
Modern Version_________________________12pp. Caleb Klaces, edition of 36
Missed a Bit____________________________12pp. Jonty Tiplady, editon of 36
20 Pack_______________________________24pp. Denise Bonetti, edition of 34
THE STORY THAT ENDS UP GETTING..._______24pp. Lauren de Sa Naylor, edition of 30
Love During Wartime_____________________20pp. Harry Burke, edition of 36
BOSS [part 2]__________________________16pp. Monica McClure, edition of 40
Chris Killen Talks About Knut Hamsun_________16pp. Chris Killen, edition of 32
Graig Syfyrddin, or Edmund's Tump__________12pp. Oli Hazzard, edition of 38
cleanliness of rooms and walls_______________16pp. Rebecca Perry, edition of 34
Patricia_______________________________12pp. Georgia Haire, edition of 30
Blood Poems___________________________12pp. Nadia de Vries, edition of 34
MARQUE_____________________________8pp. Iain Morrison, edition of 36
five pieces, each of 250 words_______________12pp. Matthew Welton, edition of 38
if we keep drawing cartoons________________12pp. Christodoulos Makris, edition of 36
Hypochondria__________________________12pp. Rachael Allen, edition of 36

Season One (2015–2016)
Cont.________________________________12pp. Sam Riviere, edition of 24
Poems of the evening_____________________16pp. Various authors, edition of 18
PAGE SIX_____________________________16pp. Ben Fama, edition of 28
Hip Shifts_____________________________12pp. Holly Isemonger, edition of 26
Roasting Baby__________________________8pp. Edwina Attlee, edition of 20
RETURNS_____________________________28pp. Charles Whalley, edition of 30
This._________________________________20pp. Chrissy Williams, edition of 32
pro ana_______________________________16pp. A.K. Blakemore, edition of 24
george clooney will always be handsome..._______12pp. Mike Saunders, edition of 22
2008_________________________________16pp. Kathryn Maris, edition of 26
Soft Troika_____________________________20pp. Lila Matsumoto, edition of 26
Show Next_____________________________8pp. Patrick Macfarlane, edition of 20
House of the Tragic Poet___________________16pp. JL Williams, edition of 22
BOSS [part 1]___________________________24pp. Monica McClure, edition of 28
History________________________________24pp. Amy Key, edition of 30
Other Titles_____________________________28pp. Sophia Le Fraga, edition of 32
Deadline Haiku__________________________20pp. Audun Mortensen, edition of 28
Aurora's Escapes_________________________16pp. Emily Berry, edition of 34
OK___________________________________12pp. Crispin Best, edition of 30
slippage/pigsclap_________________________8pp. nick-e melville, edition of 24
Notes on Comic Face_______________________16pp. Maria Fusco, edition of 28
the soros fund___________________________20pp. Erik Stinson, editon of 26
Preferences_____________________________4pp. Sam Riviere, edition of 34

Archived at The Poetry Library London and Edinburgh College of Art
Stocked by Burley Fisher Books (London), Tenderbooks (London), Good Press (Glasgow)

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