*~updated~* Feb 2021

1. [Catalogue] (after Édouard Levé)
List of projected works

2. Principles of the Heavy Track, or How to Write Fat Beats (after Walter Benjamin)
7 drum patterns

3. ChCh
36 photographs stolen from 1-hour photo lab in Christchurch, NZ in 2001

4. Remembering Conceptual Writing
Selected MP3s & transcriptions

5. The Last Time I Listened To Music
MP4, 1 minute 30 seconds

6. Preferences
Dispersed poem, on standardized paper sizes

7. Cont.
Typographical demonstration

8. Dates of Composition
Extra index

9. If A Leaf Falls Press

10. 2014 Moleskine diary with one entry
Edition of one

11. < mirror > img.

12. On Against Interpretation

13. You Were Wearing
Kenneth Koch-themed apparel

14. A Lovers' Discourse
Radical abridgement

15. The 26th
Conceptual slowcore

16. Brideshead Revisited Revisited
One act play

17. Des Imagistes: An Anthology

18. Day Two
Alternative cricket commentary

19. D.W.U.T.
Drinking game

20. 1000 blurbs
Unauthorised publication

21. Irretrievable
Video game

22. Authomes
An alphabet

23. Disowned poems 2005–2010
Life writing

24. Yes! In Romania –
Poet's novel

25. December PDF

26. Disincentive of praise
Literary agency

27. Reminders

28. Irredeemable
Durational purchasing

29. Reading list

30. For various reasons
Video presentation

31. Deep commerce, deep oceans
Think tank

32. A Book of Shade
Poetry anthology

33. i.m. IMDb MB

34. Fair Use

35. Everything in the world is exactly the same
PDF press

36. Gift Economy Editions
Handbound books, payment in kind

37. Tom McCarthy saying "capitalism"
MP3, for Denise and Maria

38. Thanks for coming
Press release

39. The Earth is Flat
Artist's novel

40. Typos
Artist's book

41. Emergency review collective

42. Prize Culture
Betting syndicate

43. Plagiarism and the low capital artist
Legal proposal

44. 2020
Photo diary

45. Short-lived
T-shirt line

46. Deacon

47. Curse Charter
Anglo-Romanian zine

48. UK Poetry Book Exchange

49. Nordberg
Photo series

50. 50 Faber covers
Instagram account

51. Pictures from Brueghel

52. My Kinks
Poem after Bolaño

53. A directory of Norwich bands from the early 2000s